Jamaica Beach RV Resort



We'll help you navigate.

Navigate with the map, or use RV Buddy to help you get around and keep you informed!

RV Buddy

Tired of looking around for your site?

Every RVer knows what it’s like searching for their site in a sea of RV’s, the rigors of reading park maps and navigating narrow corners with that 40′ fifth wheel trailing behind you, precariously hugging the outer edges of the pavement.

With RV Buddy, now you can enjoy detailed in-site navigation to your exact site! But that’s not all, RV Buddy keeps you informed about weather or critical in-park announcements, local events, and more! RV Buddy is your resort guide in the palm of your hand.

Make RV Buddy your in-park companion by getting the app below. And did we mention? It’s free with ZERO ads!